A Critical But Overlooked Aspect of Maintaining Sexual Health

 This is the Holistic Alpha Podcast number 5 0 5. I'm your host, Steven Mathis. Thanks for being here. I really appreciate you listening. We're going to talk about an aspect of maintaining and improving our sexual health and our hormonal health that is often completely ignored by most guys, but very beneficial and very important.

Before we do that though, a quick reminder, you know, we work on. Habits. That's a big part of this entire journey is continually modifying and improving our habits because we are the product of our habits. Looking forward a year from now, five years from now, 10 years from now, who you are as a man, uh, who you are as a human being, as a father, as a parent, as a friend, as a businessman.

Is going to largely be determined by your habits. So if we want to upgrade the things that we're building in life, if we wanna upgrade ourselves, A big part of that is upgrading our habits, and what I wanna remind you of is how important environment is when it comes to habits. So your physical environment is so powerful in triggering which hap, which habits happen or don't.

It's so powerful and triggering what mental and emotional state you get into. So as you work to improve your habits, Look at how you can tweak or change or improve the environment, the physical environment, because it can have a big impact on your habits. It's one of those things that's kind of a, a small lever that opens a big door because a lot of times making a simple environmental change.

It can have huge impacts in what it leads to. One of the most common examples that, man, I, I've lost track of how many guys I've talked to about this and how many guys have made this change or worked on it as part of coaching or guys I've talked to in text or whatever, and that is not keeping their phone in their room at night.

Right? So this is a simple physical thing, meaning you're gonna leave your phone outside of your bedroom when you go to bed at night and get a. A, uh, old school alarm clock, right? And the biggest change that lead, or the biggest need that leads guys to this. And the biggest thing that it will change for a lot of them.

Is porn, right? So a lot of guys will end up accessing porn on their phone at night in their bedroom. And I, that's not the only time, but this is one of those times where I've talked to a lot of guys where that's pretty much the only time it happens. So what happens is when we make a simple environmental change, like leaving the phone outside the room, now staying away from porn in those times becomes way easier.

And so that ends up actually happening And success. Ends up happening in terms of staying away from porn and being consistent with that, all due to a simple environmental change. There are also so many ways to apply this in terms of the mind and the emotional, uh, place that it gets you into as well. For instance, you may have a hard time getting going into a workout if you're at home.

But if you get yourself in the gym, you're going, or you may have a hard time getting yourself going for a workout, but if you listen to a certain song or a certain playlist, it triggers you into that place. So there's different ways that this plays out in terms of our physical environment and which habits it's affecting, and you're looking at it.

But look at and pay attention to what are the physical environmental factors? Where are you doing habits? What is physically in your environment that is facilitating that or not facilitating it? Look at those sort of physical things because it's low hanging fruit. We can often change some of those things quite easily, and actually it has major, major impacts.

Let's talk about, speaking of major impacts, let's talk about something that has a major impact when it comes to our sexual health and our hormonal health even as well. And that is massage. Not a lot of guys, based on the conversations that I've had over recent years, not a lot of guys are practicing massage.

But we ought to be. We all ought to be because when it comes to maintaining the health of our testicles and our testosterone production when it comes to maintaining the health of our root muscle and our pelvic floor, both physically in terms of the muscle itself and blood flow and all that, but also energetically, Maintaining and improving those areas can be majorly impacted by simple massage.

It doesn't take a long time. You don't have to devote hours to this. It's not complicated, but simply taking the time to consistently. Massage both your testicles and your entire sort of root area, that perineum area primarily. But you can of, of course, massage other areas around, you know, a sort of the, the lower front part of your, uh, pubic bone above the penis, that, those sorts of areas.

But taking the time to massage your testicles and massage that perineum area is so beneficial. You guys, first of all, massaging your testicles will likely lead to some increases in. Testosterone, there's some data to back that up. Massage is very beneficial in improving blood flow, in improving lymphatic drainage.

So the lymphatic system is what drains toxins from our body and unlike blood, I. Lymphatic fluid has no pump. The only way that we can move lymphatic fluid is through movement. Either moving our body or massage can help with that as well. And also, again, increasing blood flow. And when we increase blood flow to the testicles and when we improve lymphatic flow, where where toxins get cleared out, we improve the functionality.

So it's very likely. That what's gonna happen when you get into the habit of regularly massaging your balls is they're gonna hang fuller and lower probably a little bit. They're gonna definitely seem more full. They're gonna be less tender. Here's a big one, you guys. If your balls are ever kind of tender, I.

Any sort of pain or discomfort is our body sending us a signal? And usually that is our body sending us a signal that that area needs some attention. And in the case of your balls, if your balls are tender, the attention that you're, they really need. Is they need massage. One of the things that you will find, I promise you, when you massage your testicles regularly, they will get much less tender.

They will feel more resilient. They will, they will feel more full, and they will likely be actually better at producing testosterone. The other area that is critical to practice massage is that root muscle area, your perineum area, because. Again, we're gonna increase blood flow. Massage is very well known to do that.

I mean, any area on your body that you massage, you're gonna be improving blood flow to that area. And of course, improving blood flow to your root muscle is a very good thing that's gonna help in terms of your erection quality. It's gonna help in terms of, I. The function of your root muscle. So one of the things that we talk about when it comes to premature ejaculation and having stamina and lasting is being able to relax.

If you have a bunch of tension that is built up, muscular tension that is built up in your root muscle, you're gonna have a harder time relaxing it. So everything from improving the flow of sexual energy to improving erections, to improving your stamina and your control. Will be impacted when you regularly massage that root muscle.

The other thing that it will do is it helps to clear up the energetic, emotional kind of side of that. So emotions are stored in our body. They are physically stored. In our body, and people have all kinds of experiences, whether it's getting a massage or other sort of work, you know, foot zoning or all of these things where we're accessing the physical body.

People will have emotional releases and emotional responses, and that's because our body stores emotions. And a lot of the emotions, especially around relationships and especially around sexuality specifically, a lot of those emotions get stored in that root muscle area. So when you practice massage, It's gonna be helping to clear out those emotional blockages, to clear out those energetic pathways.

This is one of those things that it might logically make sense, but you're not gonna really buy into it until you practice it. So put this into practice. What I would suggest is that the end of your edging session is you do some massage, and if you have three minutes, then do three minutes. If you have 10 minutes, then do 10 minutes.

But massage both testicles, massage that whole perineum area. Experiment with different ways to massage them at different pressures and figure out what works in your body. But doing at least a few minutes of massage in those areas can really pay big dividends. So again, it goes best at the end of your edging session.

You could of course do this sort of throughout your edging session. As part of that, you could take a break in the middle of your edging session and do some massage. Or if you're not having an edging session that day, or you just want to get some additional massage, you can do it anytime. All on its own, but please do this you guys, because it's one of those things that, you know, for a lot of guys, again, they're not really thinking about it.

It's not something that's gonna necessarily get you aroused or cause a lot of pleasure or anything like that. So I don't think a lot of guys really practice this, but the ones that who do I hear over and over again how beneficial it is for them. And I know it's been extremely beneficial for me, and I know it'll be beneficial for you as well.

So, Practice a massage. Massage those testicles, massage that root muscle, and again, reminder the first thing we talked about. Look at environment and how that plays into your habits. How you can make little environmental tweaks to make your habit improvement and your habit growth more effective. As always, sending you guys all my best.

I really appreciate you listening. Have an amazing rest of your day and we'll talk to you soon.

A Critical But Overlooked Aspect of Maintaining Sexual Health
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